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August 09 2010

November 06 2009

What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory

As CPU cores become both faster and more numerous, the limiting factor for most programs is now, and will be for some time, memory access. Hardware designers have come up with ever more sophisticated memory handling and acceleration techniques–such as CPU caches–but these cannot work optimally without some help from the programmer. Unfortunately, neither the structure nor the cost of using the memory subsystem of a computer or the caches on CPUs is well understood by most programmers. This paper explains the structure of memory subsys- tems in use on modern commodity hardware, illustrating why CPU caches were developed, how they work, and what programs should do to achieve optimal performance by utilizing them.

October 21 2009

Deutsche Bank Research: India's specialisation in IT exports

Around16% ofIndia’s total exports are IT services and IT-based business services (average 2000-2003). This level of export specialisation is unrivalled by any comparable country and it is an indicator of a strong comparative advantage. This is surprising because exports of IT services are typically the premise of rich and technology-savvy countries. An educated workforce – which is abundant in rich countries but scarce in poor countries such as India – is the key resource. India’s export specialisation in skill-intensive products will be greatest by the year 2010 and regain this level only when GDP per capita will have reached USD 20,00

Vergleich Ausbildung der Informatiker zwischen Indien und Deutschland

Dieser Artikel beschreibt die akademische Ausbildung von Software-Ingenieuren in Indien. Anhand der von der Software-Industrie geforderten Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten, über die Absolventen verfügen sollten, werden die wichtigsten Schwächen der Ausbildung identifiziert.
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